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1) No harassment, fighting, or insults of any kind.

2) No excessive spamming.
Please do not constantly post icons. If you spam icons or thumbs, we will kick and possibly silence you.

3) Do not swear excessively.
We would like to think we are all adults here, but not all of us are. Let's keep this room friendly.

4) Be respectful of one another.
If you offend someone, apologize and talk about something else unless they are offended by ponies.

5) Do not STRETCH with caps.
Because exciting things happen during some of these episodes, we would like to allow the use of excessive caps to express excitement, BUT if you stretch our screens with them, then we are gonna have a problem.

6) Please avoid tabbing everyone.
It is annoying. Tab only the people you are talking to. If you have a message for everyone, just don't tab. If someone is interested, they will see it.

7) Don't advertise.
This is not a room where people want to be asked to commission something from you. It's okay to ask if you've been around and made friends here, but we prefer you keep that activity in other rooms, and don't make that your sole purpose for coming in. Advertising for people to join your "new room" or "super awesome chat" is also not okay. You may link to a chat for private conversation, but leave your recruiting campaign at the door.

8) Respect the mods and admins.
They keep this place running. They put up with a lot in their line of work and we'd like to show we appreciate them. If you have one of the mods or admins on ignore, it is grounds for IMMEDIATE BAN.

9) Report bad mods/admins.
While we want you to respect our mods, we also want to know if they have been rude to you. Please do not break rule 8, even if a mod/admin has wronged you. If you feel you have been wronged by a mod, or feel they are not correctly enforcing a rule, copy/paste the chat in a note to TexThePony, or sockhidunderaboulder, preferably both of us.

10) Leave the modding to the mods.
It only creates more issues if you try to be a mod when you're not. Please let one of the mods/admins do their job.

11) Do not bring in a personal bot.
We have bots that can do pretty much all we want. Please stick to using our bots for the fun stuff.

12) Have fun.
That's what this room is for. Get excited, and just be yourself without being mean. :)


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Thanks for da :+devwatch:
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yay thank you!
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